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Skiing in Sweden

Swedes adore skiing! No matter where you go—to the mountains up north or the city—you will simply love it!

Best time: December–June


Don't be shocked if you see a bunch of people skiing around the cities and looking perfectly normal on the streets full of cars. Cross country skiing is biking in winter for Swedes. However, what is even more astonishing is that Sweden boasts the most Northern ski resort in the world called Riksgransen, which literally translates to National Border. And in fact, the resort is located in Kiruna municipality close to the Norwegian border, but also 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. The season here starts in February which is perfect for those who like to start late. Interestingly it lasts typically until June when you can enjoy the midnight sun skiing. Rumours are that it might get so nice​ that people ski in shorts! Apart from this astonishing option, there are also options built in the cities with mainly artificial snow, but earlier in the season. It's your choice!

Practical info

Where is Riksgransen ski resort located?

Riksgransen ski resort is situated close to the Norwegian border in Kiruna municipality. It's the most Northerly skiing resort on the planet, providing a chance to ski even under the midnight sun from February to June. Show more

When does the skiing season start in Riksgransen?

Typically, you can hit the slopes in Riksgransen from February to June, giving visitors the chance to ski under the midnight sun. You can even ski in warm weather attire as shorts are often seen on the slopes come June. Show more

What is cross-country skiing, and why is it popular in Sweden?

Sweden boasts immense snow-clad landscapes, making it the perfect place for cross-country skiing, also called Nordic skiing. It is a fun winter activity where skiers slide using their weight and energy forward on groomed trails. It is quite popular in Sweden as many see it as a way to exercise and move around during the snowy months. Show more

What is the weather like for skiing in Sweden?

Sweden during the winter usually sees cold and snow and can go below freezing. The ski season runs from December to June, making it ideal for people who love skiing. For safety and warmth, it's crucial that visitors wear warm clothing as well as gear like gloves, insulated jackets, hats, and base layers to dodge frostbite. Show more

Are there any other ski resorts to visit in Sweden besides Riksgransen?

Sweden boasts several other skiing resorts, among them the largest being Åre, which has various ski runs that cater to levels. For a larger winter sports resort, you can opt for Sälen which gives visitors opportunities to enjoy fun-filled sports, including skiing, ice fishing, and snowmobiling. Finally, Vemdalen is perfect for beginners and families due to its relaxed atmosphere and gentle trails. These resorts open earlier in the season with artificial snow compared to Riksgransen. Show more

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