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Diving in Sweden

Dive the Swedish Baltic Sea and discover all 10,000 shipwrecks at the bottom!

Best time: April–December


Due to its low temperatures, diving in the Baltic might not sound too exciting. Moreover, marine life here is not as colourful as it is in the Red Sea, for example. However, diving off the Western coast in Sweden is one of the most rewarding experiences. There are around 10,000 registered shipwrecks which are very well-preserved in the low salinity of the Baltic Sea. The area of Väderöarna is where you can find most of the biodiversity due to the higher salt levels. There are more than 20 spec​​ies of nudibranchs, both soft and hard corals, and plenty of fish and lobsters.

Practical info

When is the best time to go diving in Sweden?

Between April and December is the optimum time for diving in Sweden. Daytime duration increases, and the sea temperature in the Baltic Sea, the major diving spot, varies between zero degree Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius according to the season. The temperature of the water reaches up to 18 to 20 degrees Celsius during summer, enhancing the comfort level of divers for exploration. Show more

Where is the best location to see marine life in Sweden?

Divers flock Väderöarna on the Western coast as it is rich in biodiversity from the salinity level. Nudibranchs, soft and hard corals, and numerous fish species inhabit the area, including lobsters, which are a favorite food among divers and locals. Exploring this spot provides a distinct experience for divers due to the uniqueness and diversity it carries. Show more

How many registered shipwrecks can be found in the Swedish Baltic Sea?

Around 10,000 shipwrecks are registered as residing at the bottom of the Baltic Sea in Sweden. The water's low salinity level leads to great preservation of most shipwrecks. Consequently, this provides divers with an opportunity to delve into fascinating historical artifacts, discovering the maritime history of the region. Many of these wrecks are accessible to divers, rendering the diving experience more thrilling. Show more

What is the water temperature like in the Baltic Sea?

Divers need to consider the temperature of the Baltic Sea, which ranges between zero degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius, contingent on the season. The summer season provides relatively more comfort for divers with the water temperature reaching 18 to 20 degrees Celsius. However, longer diving duration or a depth below 20 meters necessitates specialized diving gear, and divers should be wary of hypothermia risks because of the cold water. Show more

What species of marine life can be found in the waters of Sweden?

Though marine life may not have bright and plentiful colors common in tropical seas, it is there to be explored and discovered. The area of Väderöarna is home to over 20 various species of nudibranchs, fish, as well as lobsters. With fascinating historical sites available to explore, diving in Sweden provides a unique and rewarding experience for passionate divers. Show more

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