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Highschool Graduation 2022

Don't be surprised if you see vans full of highschool kids waving and shouting to you


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Huge vans decorated with flowers and full of highschool graduates shake the towns of Sweden every May and June. The day after school ends has been not a typical one in Sweden since 1968 when the traditional examination day was abolished. It was considered to be unfair to judge all the years of school only by one exam day, so the final grade was based on all the grades from previous years. The last days of school have since become a loud party. Most students wear white caps resembling sailor caps that have a long history dating to the 1845 Copenhagen's student convention. You can observe kids dancing in fountains with champagne with fresh branches decorated with yellow and blue ribbons and balloons. Check it out yourself and you will be sorry you didn't graduate from Swedish school!

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