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Easter 2024 in Sweden

Easter in Sweden is full of traditions connected to the celebrations of spring, nature awakening, and family reunions—but with a twist!

Dates: April 20, 2025


Sweden is not a very religious country. However, Easter is celebrated as a holiday of spring. Traditionally, people decorate their houses with colorful feathers and eggs ​and go for picnics and barbecues. In some places, there is also a tradition of big bonfires. However, mostly the day is about family and spring awakening.

Skansen is a great place for celebrating Easter in Stockholm. The world's oldest open-air museum features the whole country with houses and farmsteads from every part of Sweden. During Easter, Skansen showcases Swedish holiday traditions with plenty of fresh air and spring sunshine all around. Most museums in Stockholm are open during Easter week, and many of them even offer workshops and activities for families with children.

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