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Sweden Weather: Winter

Snow, frost and darkness is compensated by Northern Lights and wonderful Christmas decorations


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Calling a December–February date range "winter" is rather relative, as winter timeframes are not the same across the country. For instance, in the north winters are longer, stretching over 7 months from October till April, they are more severe than southern ones, and also much darker, literally. Polar nights reign over Swedish lands beyond the Arctic Circle for a few months, leaving no space for the sunlight.

Yet the season is not that bad, as it might sound. First of all snow and ice abundance brighten the darkness, making it less dull. Secondly, instead of sunshine, one might enjoy stunning Northern Lights which are the brightest during the gloomiest winter nights. Closer to the south, the season falls traditionally between December and February. There are more daylight and sunshine, temperatures are higher, often close to zero, yet the most often it’s a bit frosty. Despite the latitude, the coldest months are everywhere January and February.

Favourite seasonal delights include skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, sledding, and a plenty of outdoor fun.

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