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Hôtel de Glace (Ice Hotel)

Spend a night in an ice castle like a Disney character


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For the last 15 years, Hotel de Glace has started each season with a grand opening in January. This annual event launches the new winter with the ultimate Nordic experience—everyone should try it at least once in a lifetime!

Hotel de Glace, or Ice Hotel, offers plenty of different packages for couples, families, or friends. Visitors can spend a night in a real winter wonderland, surrounded by icy walls and crystalline sculptures, jump into a hot tub, or enjoy a drink in the ice bar.

For those who find this experience too tough, and wont be able to stay through the night, Hotel de Glace will provide a room in a normal suite nearby. Located only 20 mintures away from Québec City, this freezing hotel is open for visitors from early January till late March.

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