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Idrija Lace Festival 2023

Enjoy the delicate beauty of lace making at the Idrija Lace Festival

Dates: June 16–18, 2023

Idrija Lace Festival
Idrija Lace Festival

The little beautiful city of Idrija is world-famous for two things: its mercury mines, which are in the process of closing, and the delicate craft of lacemaking.

This art has a long history in Idrija where a wide variety of products have been designed out of lace.

All this lace diversity bursts into the streets with the beginning of the highly anticipated Idrija Lace Festival—the biggest international event of Idrija.

Every citizen of Idrija from children to the elderly bring their handmade lace articles to the streets, numerous exhibitions are held around the city, cozy shops decorate their windows, and everyone is invited to lacemaking lectures and workshops.

At the end of the festival the best lace products are named at the award ceremony and beautiful Idrija returns to is peaceful and quiet self.

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