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Make It 2022

Craftsmen fair features thousands of amazing handmade items


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Every spring and fall in Edmonton, "Make It" gathers hundreds of craftsmen, artisans, and creators at the Edmonton EXPO Centre. Since it was first held in 2008, Make It has become one of the largest and most attended craft fairs in the country. Each year, more and more fans of handmade crafts buy from hundreds of Makies, supporting them in their work. Make It Edmonton also features a silent auction, a beer garden, food trucks, and lots of other entertainment.

Make It event was founded by Chandler and Jenna Herbut who were looking for a platform where they and their friends could share ideas, socialize and meet clients. More than 250 artists, makers, and designers are now able to sell their work through Make It Edmonton. It's hard to even evaluate the fair's significance to the local handmade community, but one thing is certain, that it will continue to be a vital part of the Canadian culture.

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