Best time to visit Slovenia

Skiing and Snowboarding in Slovenia

Conquer the diversified slopes of the Slovenian Alps

Best time: December–March

Skiing and Snowboarding
Skiing and Snowboarding
Skiing and Snowboarding
Skiing and Snowboarding

The part of the Alps which extends into Slovenia hosts many ski resorts.

The biggest one is Mariborsko Pohorje. Here you can find excellent ski slopes, beautiful surroundings, great service, and even the longest night trail in Slovenia for a truly magical experience.

Kranjska Gora, a resort near the Austrian and Italian borders, offers easily accessible slopes perfectly suitable for any level of skiing skills.

Rogla is a resort often enjoyed by top skiers and snowboarders, as it has been a year-round Olympic center. So here, along with country’s best professionals, you can enjoy great slopes, a mild climate, and great sport facilities.

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What is the peak season for skiing in Slovenia and why?

Skiing in Slovenia is in full swing during winter, specifically from December through to March. This is the perfect time to hit the slopes, given the ideal weather conditions and the high-quality snow cover that is present. The peak season coincides with the holiday season, which is around Christmas and New Year's Eve, resulting in more massive crowds. However, if you'd prefer more affordable deals, planning a trip in late January or February can be a good idea. Show more

Which ski resorts in Slovenia are worth a visit?

Several ski resorts make Slovenia an excellent destination for skiing enthusiasts. Among the most popular are Mariborsko Pohorje, Kranjska Gora, and Rogla, each with its unique offerings. Mariborsko Pohorje is the largest of the three resorts, providing skiers with excellent ski slopes, high-quality snow, and unparalleled services. Near the Italian and Austrian borders lies Kranjska Gora, featuring easily accessible slopes ideal for both novices and well-experienced skiers. Rogla, which is a year-round Olympic center, caters to top snowboarders and skiers, featuring several conventional facilities. Show more

What makes Mariborsko Pohorje a unique skiing destination and where is it located?

Located in the northeast of Slovenia, Mariborsko Pohorje is the most massive skiing resort, perfect for all skiing levels. Its uniqueness can be attributed to its night trail, which is the only one available in Europe, providing skiers with the idyllic experience of skiing under the stars. This resort is ideal for families or couples with non-skiing activities, including walking, hiking, and sightseeing trails. The resort is situated 130 kilometers away from Ljubljana. Show more

What is the difficulty level of slopes in Kranjska Gora?

Twenty kilometers of skiing slopes are divided among the three levels of difficulty in Kranjska Gora. The slopes primarily comprise easy slopes, accounting for roughly half of the terrain. Such slopes cater to beginners and families that have children. Additionally, intermediate slopes lie on Vitranec mountain and are ideal for those with previous skiing experience. Lastly, challenging slopes exist in the neighboring mountain of Vitranc, intended mainly for well-experienced skiers seeking a demanding skiing experience. Show more

What sort of facilities can one access while skiing at Rogla?

Rogla is not just a skiing resort but a year-round Olympic center, offering several state-of-the-art amenities and facilities to sports enthusiasts. It boasts vast areas of skiing terrain covering a hundred hectares with approximately eleven kilometers of ski slopes, satisfying all skills levels. The area has modern lifts, including two quadruple seats and a sextuple seat. Rogla is a hive of activity, particularly for snowboarders and freestylers, with several snowparks. Accommodation options include hotels, apartments, cafes, and restaurants, making it suitable for families and groups. Show more

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