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Jurjevanje Folklore Festival 2023

Check out the Jurjevanje festival in Črnomelj for an incredibly fresh experience of traditional music

There's a small town in southeastern Slovenia called Črnomelj and famed as folklore capital of the country. For the ultimate cultural experience, plan your visit to Črnomelj in June during Jurjevanje, Slovenia's oldest folklore festival. It presents you with the rare opportunity to watch and learn local traditional Bela Krajina dance along with other national heritage which has been preserved through ages.

Don't expect this celebration to be limited to only Slovenian folklore. You'll be surprised, but it actually mixes tradition with modernity. Moreover, it celebrates the diversity of cultures. So get ready to see a range of foreign folklore groups, ethnic ensembles and bands from neighbouring Croatia to Belarus and more distant India and Fiji Islands. The five-day celebration over seven different venues aims to reach the versatile audience and meet the needs of all possible ages.

Visual entertainment wouldn't be complete if there were no gastronomic specialities. The final detail to appreciate about this festival is its status as a zero-waste event—no excuses not to come.

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