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Best time to travel to Slovenia

Wildflower Season

Vivid flora await you in every corner of the beautiful nature of Slovenia

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An impressive diversity of flora can be found in the small territory of Slovenia! Its valleys, hills, and mountain slopes are bathed in wild flowers which give any nature lover a chance to enjoy both beautiful sights and great discoveries.

Special species that can be found here include Triglav flowers, Triglav poppies, Edelweiss, Zoi’s Bellflowers, Carniola Lilies, Alpine Vanilla Orchids, Hairy Rhododendrons, Round Leaf Sundews, and many many others.

All this diversity of flowers attracts not only tourists, but also bees and beautiful butterflies, so it’s also a wonderful opportunity to watch them in their natural habitat. The best place to observe flowers is the Julian Alps region, particularly Bohinj and Mount Triglav.

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