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Easter 2024

Beautiful, vivid celebrations are held in all the cities and towns of Slovenia

Dates: March 24–April 1, 2024


Easter in Slovenia is celebrated in a vibrant and joyful way. Festivities usually span the whole week, culminating on Easter Sunday, when people set their tables with lots and lots of food and the essential colorful, decorated eggs.

Palm Sunday

Festivities in Slovenia start on Palm Sunday at local churches. A popular tradition is to bless sheaves of greenery and plait traditional bundles. The most famous is the lively Ljubljana Bundle, which can be easily bought at the flower market beside the Cathedral in Ljubljana. This tradition originates in pre-Christian times, as bundles symbolize fertility.

Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday, you can hear the bells of various churches that play unique melodies. The best place to attend a solemn mass in Ljubljana is St. Nicholas' Cathedral, located on Dolničarjeva street. After Easter mass, people gather at festive tables.

Easter food

Slovenian Easter foods include boiled eggs, ham, horseradish, and potica, the most popular Slovenian Easter cake, baked in special forms. In different regions, there are local varieties of potica. A fun tradition during Easter dinner is a game of crushing eggs, favored by kids.

Easter in Škofja Loka

One of the best Easter destinations in Slovenia is Škofja Loka, a historical town in the Upper Carniola region. The town, which was first mentioned in chronicles in 973, is famous for its Škofja Loka Passion Play, a 300-year-old masterpiece, included in the UNESCO list. The play takes place on the streets of Škofja Loka Old Town once in 6 years. The play, which is the oldest in Slovenia, is based on 13 scenes from the Old Testament. The next production of Škofja Loka Passion Play is planned for 2026.

In the years when Škofja Loka Passion Play doesn't take place, there's still a lot to do in the beautiful old town. During the Easter season, you will see the Passion miniatures in the Nun's Church in Škofja Loka. On Good Friday, you can see the Way of the Cross Procession, and on Easter Monday, there's always a festive concert.

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