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Best time to travel to Slovenia


Grab your binoculars and head to any Slovenian forest—there are a lot of birds just waiting to be discovered!


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Wherever you stay in Slovenia, you’re always a few meters away from the park or a forest or a natural reservation where you can come across the unique birds of Slovenia and enjoy their singing. Warblers, various species of owls, finches, nightingales, and many others are patiently waiting for in the depths of Slovenian nature.

One of the best places to observe birds in their natural habitat is the Triglav National Park. Here, especially with the help of a guide, you can see northern goshawks, golden eagles, hazel and black geese, and even the very rare citril finch.

Another beautiful spot to go bird watching is the Škocjan Caves Regional Park is famous for its canyons, sink holes, caves, and diverse species of birds. Here you can find Eurasian scops owls, crested tits, short-toed treecreepers, and rock buntings.

Unique birds can be found around Lake Cerknica which is situated south of Ljubljana—ferruginous ducks, corncrakes, little bitterns, and spotted cranes. If you’re really lucky you can even witness the majestic white-tailed eagle and white-winged black tern.

Spring is the time when migrating species return to their summer feeding grounds, and resident species are very active due to breeding, therefore it's a good time to spot some rare birds and observe their courtship rituals.

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