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Diving in Croatia 2024

Clear waters of the Adriatic are popular with divers. Take a chance to explore marine life, ship wrecks and underwater caves

Best time: June–September


Thanks to good visibility diving in Adriatic could be a rewarding experience. Croatia boasts more than 100 diving sites. Its undersea life is rich and diverse. Sandy beaches include species like sea urchins, starfish, shellfish, and much more. Reefs, ship and plane wrecks are popular among divers as well as mysterious underwater caves. A highlight of underwater experience in Croatia could be the dive in the Blue Сave (Modra špilja) on the island of Bisevo. Between 11 a.m. and noon. The sunlight reflects through the water coming from the white floor of the cave and colours it in blue light. Although it’s possible to dive in Adriatic at any time, summer is the most favourable season because of the warmer waters and smaller waves. So the best time to dive is June-September.

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What kind of marine life can be found while diving in Croatia?

Divers exploring the underwater world of Croatia can witness a splendid variety of marine life. The colorful and fascinating marine creatures range from the tiny seahorse and sea urchins to dolphins and lobsters. The Adriatic Sea's clear waters also make it easy to spot other species such as starfish, colorful fish and shellfish, and varying types of eels. The wealth of underwater flora and fauna creates a mesmerizing scene, providing a rewarding experience for snorkelers and divers alike. Show more

Identify the location of the Blue Cave, and why is it regarded as a highlight of diving in Croatia?

The Blue Cave is one of Croatia's most popular diving sites, situated on the island of Biševo close to the island of Vis in the Adriatic Sea. The brilliant blue light that envelops the cave, making it a must-see for divers, is the result of sunlight reflecting off the white floor of the cave between 11 a.m. and noon. Experienced and novice divers can explore the cave's interior and discover its unique beauty that has earned it global recognition as an underwater wonder. Show more

What is the best time to go on a diving trip to Croatia, and what makes this season ideal?

Summer, from June to September, is the prime season for diving in Croatia. This season has optimal water temperature for spending prolonged periods of time exploring the underwater world, with comparatively fewer waves than other seasons. With favorable visibility throughout the season, the diving sites' diversity and wealth of marine life are seen in their full splendor, making it a perfect time to explore and discover the incredible underwater world of Croatia. Show more

Are there specific diving locations along the Croatian coastline that are well-known?

Croatia boasts an extensive coastline with over a hundred unique diving locations that offer an exciting and rewarding time for divers. Islands such as Vis and Kornati are home to underwater caves and shipwrecks, while diving sites around the Cres and Lošinj islands accommodate a diverse population of sea creatures. The areas around the Krk island, the Dubrovnik region, and the Istrian peninsula are other popular diving locations with something unique and different to offer to everyone, regardless of their diving experience and skill level. Show more

How many diving locations are there in Croatia, and would both new and experienced divers find something suitable?

Diving enthusiasts can indulge themselves among the over 100 diving sites on Croatia's coastline, each with its unique features and allure. A range of shallow waters suitable for the beginners and longer, deeper dives around underwater caves, wrecks, and challenging terrains for those experienced in diving offer something for everyone. With their abundance of marine life and differing marine sceneries, each diving site is worthwhile for either group or individual diving experiences, making Croatia an ideal destination for all avid scuba divers. Show more

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