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Best season to travel to Maldives


Fast from sunrise to sunset, and feast from dusk till down


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The holy month of Ramadan means that parties are out of the question during the daytime, and non-Muslim tourists should obey local rules. It's not that sad, though: the fast is broken at dusk: Maldivians indulge themselves with special festive foods during the evening meal called iftar, and pre-dawn meal—suhoor. The dishes served at iftar and suhoor are special for the season, and not commonly seen in the menu year-round. Ramadan treats include exotic-flavoured juices like apricot, watermelon, rose, or kamardine. Buttermilk and Turkish coffee are also especially popular during the Ramadan season.

Besides, the season is known for cultural celebrations: you'll see lots of belly dancers, concerts, fire performances, and other shows in the streets particularly during the fasting month. The period is special, and definitely interesting in its own way, but be thoughtful not to show any disrespect of local religious beliefs. The Maldives is a deeply religious country, if you're caught with alcohol, drugs, or other forbidden things at any time, you'll go straight into jail.

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