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Call to Prayer between Blue Mosque & Hagia Sophia

Ezan, or call to prayer, takes on great dimensions when the chants of the Blue Mosque alternate with those of the Hagia Sophia


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What is prayer call? Muezzin (a person who calls the believers to prayer from a minaret) chants over a loudspeaker from the top of the mosque, and a moment later, the responding prayer is heard from the opposite side. This is a praying duet of two muezzins: from the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, performing the so-called ezan, or call to prayer.

Call to Prayer between Blue Mosque & Hagia Sophia in Istanbul - Best Season 2020

Not many know about this enchanting, divine conversation, and are pleasantly surprised when they accidentally happen to find themselves between the holy places of worship. Ezan is recited five times per day, so one might definitely find the suitable time to rest in the park and enjoy the musical prayer.

Hagia Sophia 2020
Hagia Sophia

The exact times of the ezan change every day based on sunrise and sunset times. Each call to prayer lasts for about ten minutes, so try to find out the exact time on the day you are planning to be in the area not to miss this experience.

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