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Don't get scared if you hear a street vendor crying out "Booozaaa!"—this tradition, as well as the recipe, has survived since the Ottoman Empire!


Surprisingly a glass of cold boza may warm you up on a winter day. This fermented drink made from bulgur, rice, sugar, and yeast is considered a traditional Turkish energizer. The Ottomans themselves used to drink or rather eat thick boza with a spoon to gain more strength.

Contemporary vendors are good in getting street goers' attention. They simply cry out aloud "Booozaa! Boozaaa!", and those who are already familiar with its sweet and at the same time tart flavour, just couldn't pass by. It might be called a kind of boza-addiction.

However, there seems to be nothing bad about that addiction. Besides warming up and strengthening qualities, boza is also praised by new moms who drink it to enhance breast-feeding.

Traditional Turkish drink remains quite popular nowadays. It's still drunk cold, still in cold season, and you might still come across shouting street vendors. This Turkish delicacy is usually served in water glasses and topped with powdered cinnamon, and roasted chickpeas. Although the main season is autumn and winter time, if you happen to find it in summer, feel free to enjoy it.

Last updated: by Eleonora Provozin