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Mediterranean Sea Beach Season in Egypt

Improve your tan on the sun-kissed beaches of the Mediterranean coastline of Egypt!

Best time: May–October

Mediterranean Sea Beach Season
Mediterranean Sea Beach Season
Mediterranean Sea Beach Season

Discover the hot beach-lounging along Alexandria's Mediterranean coastline. There are many private beaches sprawled across Egypt's second largest coastal city Alexandria called “The Pearl of the Mediterranean.” European travellers traditionally overlook them though Alexandria has a multitude of beaches to choose from both within the city and further a field along the west coast. On the other hand, this beach area is popular for Egyptians who flock en masse to Alexandria to escape the simmering summer heat.

Check out the beaches and resorts of great quality with all the needed tourist facilities. Try Stanley Beach inside Alexandria or further east to Montazah Beach, Maarmoura, the small fishing village of Abu Qir, or the coastal village of El Alamein Egypt. Mersa Matrouh is popular for its long white sand beach great for swimming and natural bay or check out the secluded beach of Sidi Abd al Rahman with its villas. The occasionally ferocious Mediterranean breeze means that the weather is often too chilly and the sea too choppy for serious enjoyment outside of the summer months. Winter, in general, is a low season because the temperatures are relatively cool and the wind picks up.

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When is the best time to visit the Mediterranean Sea beaches in Egypt?

May to October is an excellent time to visit the Mediterranean Sea beaches in Egypt. These months offer pleasant weather and calm waters perfect for water sports activities and swimming. Conversely, the winter season is generally not ideal for beach activities as it has cool temperatures and intense winds. Hence, it is perfect to plan a trip to the Mediterranean coastline in summer if you want to have the best beach experience. Show more

What are some of the popular beaches in Alexandria?

Alexandria's coastal city presents various beaches for tourists to enjoy, mainly Montazah Beach and Stanley Beach, which offer top-notch facilities in their resorts. Abu Qir, El Alamein, and Maarmoura are other lovely beach locations for visitors to explore while in Alexandria. Moreover, while most European travelers normally overlook private beaches located within Alexandrian neighborhoods, they can also offer terrific beach experiences. Show more

Where can I find secluded beaches in Egypt's Mediterranean coastline?

Looking for a more private beach experience away from the crowds? Consider visiting secluded beaches in Egypt's Mediterranean coastline. Sidi Abd al Rahman offers villas and exclusive locations with fewer people compared to traditional beaches. Another option worth checking out is Mersa Matrouh, featuring a fantastic natural bay, white sand, and ideal swimming conditions. Both Sidi Abd al Rahman and Mersa Matrouh provide an exclusive atmosphere for those who don't prefer crowded places. Show more

What is the weather like during the non-summer months in Egypt's Mediterranean coastline?

The non-summer months in Egypt's Mediterranean coastline aren't often ideal seasons for beach activities due to cool temperatures and choppy waters. Visitors planning a visit during the winter season might experience uncomfortable winds, disrupting any outdoor plans. Therefore, it is advisable to visit during the summer because the weather is pleasant, and a wide range of activities such as water sports and swimming are more enjoyable. Show more

Are there any water sports activities available in Egypt's Mediterranean coastline?

Yes! Egypt's Mediterranean coastline offers several water sports activities such as swimming, kayaking, scuba diving, and beach volleyball among others. For diving enthusiasts, many beaches have rental shops and trainings to provide guidance on associated diving areas. The waterfront shores provide suitable wind conditions for kite and windsurfing, attracting many people to partake in these activities. Montazah Beach in Alexandria presents some of the water sports activities, with many coastal resorts also offering facilities for a variety of activities desired by visitors. Show more

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