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Locust Plague in Egypt

When you see a swarm of hungry, angry locusts, better stay out of their way!

Best time: March

Locust Plague

When it happens that locusts migrate en masse, it is awesome to observe at a distance—preferably in the safety of your car seat. But if such a swarm bumps into your face, it wouldn't be a pleasant experience.

Relatively recent reports of locust plagues testify that the migration causes too much trouble for the local population, and damages the agriculture. These hungry insects are determined to eat everything on their way.

The most impressive invasions of not millions, but rather billions of locusts occurred in Egypt in March 2013. Desperate Egyptians were even forced to burn tires to ward off these fearless insects. The country annually sees similar occurrences, but not always so massive. The insect armies activate in the dry season, when food is scarce, typically in March for Egypt. Migratory locusts can be seen mainly across Northern Africa and also western Asia.