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Bastille Day 2020

What an amazing event for all the francophiles—celebrating France’s Independence Day


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Bastille Day or French National Day is an annual holiday celebrating Storming of the Bastille and the beginning of the French Revolution. It usually includes street fairs, French cuisine and music, dance events (even the cancan!), outdoor and rooftop parties, and a world of entertainment for a whole family in general.

Mime at Bastille Day NYC, 60th Street  2020
Mime at Bastille Day NYC, 60th Street
Bastille Day in New York - Best Season 2020
Cancan dancing 2020
Cancan dancing

Celebrations usually fall on Sunday either before or after July 14.

Best time for Bastille Day in New York 2020

The main Bastille Day celebrations take place on 60th Street between Lexington and Fifth Avenues, but there are also multiple fetes on Sunday happening all across the city. Presented by the French Institute Alliance Française, Bastille Day on 60th Street, solemnly signify historic friendship between France and the United States.

Best time to see Bastille Day in New York 2020

There are also other events throughout the city during the Bastille Week like France Run in Central Park, parties, film screenings, cheese and wine tastings, and much more.

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