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South Yuba River Swimming Holes in California

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South Yuba River Swimming Holes
South Yuba River Swimming Holes
South Yuba River Swimming Holes
South Yuba River Swimming Holes
South Yuba River Swimming Holes

The South Yuba River State Park is well known for its clear swimming holes in a picturesque setting of granite rocks. From March till October it attracts swimmers from all over California who take the trail from Edwards Crossing to Purdon Crossing. South Yuba River trail is 4.2 miles long and is rated as moderate. It is located not far from North San Juan, California. Spring months are praised for wildflowers. The busiest time of the year is late May to early September.

Bridgeport is one of the more popular swimming spots along the trail. It is famous for its covered bridge and nice beaches with amenities. Highway 49 crossing also features famous swimming holes and beaches located under the bridge constructed in 1921. Another old bridge is located at Purdon Crossing, which was built in 1895, and is famous for its stunning views.

Edward's Crossing is very popular with the young local crowds of Nevada County. It features many isolated pools, and visitors can see swarms of ladybugs that are attracted to this location.

Practical info

What is the best time to visit South Yuba River State Park?

South Yuba River State Park is best between March and October, with warm weather and wildflowers blossoming. During this time, the river is perfect for swimming or water activities. Avoid visiting during the winter since it is too cold to swim. Show more

Where is the South Yuba River trail located?

The South Yuba River Trail is situated near North San Juan, California, rated moderate, with a length of roughly 4.2 miles running from Edward's Crossing to Purdon Crossing, attracting swimmers from all over the state. Show more

Which is the most popular swimming spot along the trail and why?

Bridgeport features the famously covered bridge and several amenities such as restrooms and nice beaches, attracting more visitors. Highway 49 Crossing's location allows for breathtaking views of the surrounding areas, while Purdon Crossing attracts visitors for its famous old 1895 bridge. Consider water depth and conditions before swimming. Show more

Are there any other old bridges located along the South Yuba River trail?

Other old bridges are located along the South Yuba River Trail, including the covered bridge at Bridgeport and the famous 1895 bridge at Purdon Crossing. These structures add beauty and historical significance to the already stunning park. Show more

Can visitors see any wildlife while swimming in the clear swimming holes?

Different wildlife can be seen while swimming in the clear swimming holes of South Yuba River State Park. Ladybugs often swarm near Edward's Crossing, and animals such as black bears, snakes, and mountain lions may also be present. Follow park guidelines to ensure safety while exploring and avoid interfering with the surrounding wildlife's habitats. Show more

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