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La Castanyada 2023

A family-oriented holiday to commemorate the dead relatives and celebrate the harvest

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La Castanyada is a traditional autumn holiday celebrated on or close to All Saints' Day, usually on October 30, 31, or November 1. Traditionally on this day people honor their dead relatives and loved ones. Close friends and family get together and eat the meal of chestnuts, sweet potatoes, small sweets called panellets, and preserved fruit. On this day, Catalans also drink sweet Moscatel wine.

Freshly-roasted chestnuts are available from street vendors around the city. In the Old City (Ciutat Vella), visitors can find chestnut roasters on Ronda de Sant Pau & Carrer de Manso, Plaça de Pau Vila, and at Santa Caterina Market. It's also offered by vendors in central Plaça de Catalunya and Plaça de Sants.

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