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Yom HaShoah Siren 2023

Empathize with the locals over the darkest pages in the world's history

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Yom HaShoah is one of the most important events in the Hebrew calendar. Paying tribute to those who have been killed in the course of Holocaust, lots of memorial events take place all over the country. However, the highlight moment occurs at 10 AM on the day of Yom HaShoah. Dozens of air-raid sirens sound to divert everybody from the routine and pray for the victims of Nazi regime. The event ranks among the most important ones of the country and having heard the siren, everyone stops and stands still no matter what they were doing before. The solemn pause lasts for two minutes.

The remembrance day is a truly impressive event, as there aren't any indifference to the memory of fallen ones. It's definitely not the best time to have fun in Israel, as all places of public entertainment are closed and all of the nation mourns for the victims of the Holocaust. So, please, be respectful and spend the day in the same manner as the locals do.

A range of Holocaust Remembrance Day events may be observed at Yad Vashem, the official memorial to the victims of the Holocaust in Jerusalem. The state opening ceremony takes place in the evening on a previous day. But the main events begin on the next morning right after the sirens. Yad Vashem hosts several solemnities such as wreath-laying at the Ghetto Heroes Monument or public recitation of Holocaust victims’ names at the Hall of Remembrance. Besides the main memorial ceremony, the public may join other activities on the Yad Vashem campus. Another place to witness a memorial day ceremony in Jerusalem is Safra Square.

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