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All Saints’ Day and All Souls Day 2024 in Krakow

Halloween is not only about the costume parties – you will see that if you decide to get acquainted with this Polish traditional celebration

Dates: November 1–November 2

All Saints’ Day and All Souls Day
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November 1st and 2nd are days when Krakow citizens pray and pay tribute to those who passed away. Catholic families usually make a pilgrimage to the graveyards in order to visit their relatives. When the night comes, the graveyards start glowing with the warm lights of thousands of candles. The atmosphere is evocative and calm. However, there are other customs interesting for the guests of the city. People believe that souls leave their afterlife and return to their families on these days. The candles must show them the way to our world, and the souls who are forgotten and see no light will bring bad luck. That’s why the people of Krakow usually care to light as many candles as possible. Another tradition is called the Turkish honey or Miodek turecki. This sweet is traditionally sold in Krakow at the gates of the cemeteries on All Saints’ Day. Turkish honey is the honey comb and dough, which may be covered with caramel, cocoa, or crushed nuts. In many cultures of the world, honey is considered a food of the gods or a substance derived from the underworld. You have a chance to try such a delicacy in Krakow!

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