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Día de los Muertos 2024

Colorful holiday commemorates the deceased

Dates: November 2

Día de los Muertos
Día de los Muertos

Like other countries of Central America, Costa Rica celebrates Dia de Los Muertos or All Souls Day. People gather in families, visit the cemeteries, and decorate the graves of their loved ones with lavish ornaments. Visitors can see how creative Costa Ricans get in honoring their dead at Cementerio General in San Jose.

In Costa Rica, Dia de Los Muertos is not marked with parades and carnival-like festivities. However, in 2019 San Jose held its first Katrinas Fest. Running in the Chinatown of San Jose(Barrio Chino) for two days, the festival showcases Mexican-style festivities, entertainment, and food. Over 14 restaurants offer food, pastries, and sweets. Artisans' markets, workshops, and live music are available from 11 am until 7 pm.

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