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Salvador Bahia Carnival 2024

The world's largest party shakes the streets of Salvador da Bahia

Dates: February 9–14, 2024

Salvador Bahia Carnival
Salvador Bahia Carnival
Salvador Bahia Carnival

The Bahian Carnival, also known as Salvador Carnival, is an annual celebration, taking place in the Brazilian city of Salvador. The six-day carnival starts on Thursday, runs through Fat Tuesday, and ends on Ash Wednesday. Some events also occur before and after the carnival, extending its overall duration to twelve days.

The Campo Grande track in the upper area of Salvador as well as Barra-Ondina track and Pelourinho neighbourhood are the epicentres of festivities in the city. About 2.5 million people (half of them are visitors) take part in the carnival every year, making unforgettable memories with their loved ones.

What to expect

The Bahia Carnival is famous for its trio elétrico parades and African drummers. Many parades start at the Campo Grande, moving for about 3,7 miles (6 km) along Avenida Sete de Setembro. Visitors can dance on the streets with the crowd for free, or watch the Carnival from a cabin, a tribune, or a safety area isolated from the crowd. Tickets for those particular spots cost from $50 to $600. Arrastão is the last Carnival event on Wednesday that includes trio elétricos parade along the Barra-Ondina track.


The Bahian Carnival musicians have become recognized nationally in the 1990s. Luiz Caldas, Olodum, Sara Jane, Chiclete com Banana, Margareth Menezes, Ilê Aiyê and others have made this event the most prominent outdoor music and dance show in the world. Samba-reggae hits originating from Bahian Carnival have found their way to major radio and TV shows.

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