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Best season to travel to Crete

Lemon and Orange Season

Do you know the real taste of Crete? Just try its citrus fruits


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Although Crete isn't the homeland of oranges and lemons, citrus fruits play a huge role in the Cretan diet. Ancient Greeks used to believe that the Earth goddess, Gaia, gave citrus fruits as a gift to Zeus and Hera on their wedding. The Cretan people took citrus fruits as divine and grew them in the Gardens of the Esperides, away from humans.

Nowadays, you can enjoy these juicy and fresh fruits almost all year round in Crete, but nothing compares to just plucked fresh citrus fruit from the tree. The taste of these oranges and lemons will surprise you, it's totally different from other Mediterranean areas.

From January to March is the best time to enjoy the taste of these divine fruits. You can find them in gardens, marketplaces, or in the stores. As an option, you can try them fresh or make some orange-lemon cocktails.

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