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Learn about honey making with locals and try delicious Cretan honey


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Honey making was a very important and popular activity in Greek culture for many years. As proof, the National Museum of Heraklion provides lots of different exhibits, and one of the most prominent is a golden monument of two bees. Nowadays, Crete is known to be one of the best producers of honey in the whole world, because of its valuable herb—wild thyme, a blue-purple flower which gives Cretan honey a special unique taste and aroma. It blossoms during June–July. Cretan honey is a totally natural product without any additives.

Cretan honey is rich in vitamins and antioxidants which prevent cancer. Vitamin E also helps a human body to get rid of harmful toxins from smoking, radiation, or carcinogens. In Crete, honey is mainly produced from flowers, thyme, and pine trees in the Sfakia and Lasithi regions (Sitia town).

The best time to try traditional Cretan honey is from early June to the end of August, at that time you can get really fresh honey. There are different honey holidays throughout the island at that time. It's a great chance to meet local beekeepers, discover bee gardens and beehives, learn all secrets of honey making, and try to make your own honey.

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