Best time to visit Crete

Crete Beach Season

Enjoy plenty of swimming and sunbathing spots on the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea

Best time: May–October

Crete Beach Season
Crete Beach Season
Crete Beach Season
Crete Beach Season

Crete is the largest island in Greece and has lots of gorgeous beaches. Crete is washed by the Aegean Sea and the Libyan Sea. The most popular and visited beaches are the pink beaches—Balos and Elafonissi. Also, well-known is the beach of Preveli located near Rethymno. Preveli is a beautiful lagoon full of palm trees and soft golden sand. The main feature of this beach is a river called Kourtaliotis. The river creates a delta, and the territory of Preveli beach looks amazingly dreamy.

Falassarna is famous as the cleanest beach in Crete. It's an idyllic place surrounded by stunning landscapes and crystalline water. There you can find deck chairs, sun beds, and a few umbrellas. Vai beach is also known as Palm Forest because its beautiful palm trees create a real paradise for visitors. Heraklion Matala beach was once known for its cave hippy community. This beach is very romantic and suitable for newlyweds.

Swimming season is open from May until October. During May–June, and September–October, there are not so many people, and the weather is pretty warm. Unfortunately, during the peak season in July and August, beaches are extremely busy and overcrowded. Besides during August strong winds blow on the north side of Crete, and it can create very powerful waves which means swimming is not comfortable at that time. The south side of Crete island isn't so windy, but sometimes swimming during August can also be challenging there.

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What are some well-known beaches in Crete?

Crete's noteworthy beaches include Balos and Elafonissi, whose pink sands contrast beautifully with the turquoise waters, Vai, where a forest of palm trees lines the shore, and Preveli Lagoon, whose river delta spills into the Libyan Sea. Another popular choice is Falassarna, which prides itself on being the cleanest beach. Matala, despite its former cave hippie community fame, is now frequented by tourists seeking romantic escapes and relaxation. Show more

When is the ideal time for beach activities in Crete?

With warm weather from May to October, travelers may particularly enjoy visiting Crete for beach activities during May to June and September to October, as there are fewer visitors on average. July and August attract the most crowds and may not offer visitors an escape. During the latter month, the north side of the island may experience strong winds, producing powerful waves that may aggravate swimming conditions. Show more

What makes Preveli beach notable?

Preveli beach, situated near Rethymno, stands out for its outstanding delta formed by the Kourtaliotis river. As the river meets the Libyan Sea, the view is exceptional. The beach is surrounded by enchanting tall palm trees, and its sand is fine and golden. Added to that, Preveli lagoon also boasts several freshwater springs that merge into the sea, providing plenty of interest for visitors seeking adventure and beauty. Show more

Which beach gets the title of the cleanest in Crete?

Falassarna is judged as the cleanest of all the beaches in Crete, where clear waters and beautiful landscapes surround those who visit. The beach provides visitors with sunbeds, deck chairs, and a few umbrellas to make their stay enjoyable. A scenic spot to take a refreshing swim and admire the stunning views of the surroundings, Falassarna is a famous beach for tourists seeking peace and quiet away from the more crowded beaches. Show more

What should tourists be careful of when swimming at Crete in August?

Swimming in Crete during August can be difficult due to the strong winds that occur on the north side of the island, which cause powerful and potentially dangerous waves. The south side of the island may offer milder swimming conditions. Visitors are under advisement to exercise caution before taking a dip in August, strictly adhering to safety guidelines and knowing the associated risks of swimming in the sea during that period. Show more

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