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Wildflower Season

Discover species of flowers that grow exclusively in Crete

Wildflower Season in Crete 2020 - Best Time

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Crete is an island full of beautiful flowers. There are more than 2,000 species of plants, and a huge percent of them are endemic to Crete. Lots of flowers grow in the Chania area, especially in the Lefka Ori mountain range (White Mountains), Heraklion, and the Rethymnon area.

Wildflower Season in Crete - Best Season 2020
Best time for Wildflower Season in Crete 2020

During April and May Crete is abundantly covered with wildflowers. There are wild orchids, coloured chamomile, poppies, anemones, iris, field gladiolus, etc. You can go hiking or organize a jeep safari to see all the beauty of wildflowers in Crete. Springtime is the best time for discovering and enjoying the massive array of beautiful flowers in Crete. However, the flowering continues through summer and well into October.

Best time to see Wildflower Season in Crete 2020
Best time for Wildflower Season 2020

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