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Holy Fire in Jerusalem 2023

The miracle that is believed to occur on Orthodox Easter Saturday for centuries

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The miracle of light happens each Orthodox Easter Saturday in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. The temple was built on the spot where Jesus was crucified, buried, and where he ascended to the sky, as it is believed. Every year, The Holy Fire (Holy Light) ceremony starts here at about 11 am with a series of prayers leading to a miraculous fire appearance.

The Orthodox Patriarch kneels in front of the burial stone inside the chapel in complete darkness. He prays for some time, and the blue light is believed to emit within Jesus' tomb. The light allows to light up candles. Patriarch comes out of the chapel with the two lit candles, and the believers in church rejoice and start sharing the light. Thousands of people all around the Church of the Holy Sepulchre light up candles and lamps. The light from Jerusalem is sent by plane to Greece, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Serbia, and other Orthodox countries.

The fire is believed to be holy and many pilgrims claim it doesn't burn. The event draws in huge crowds of believers and is considered to be the holiest experience. Plan your trip for this time and see the miracle with your own eyes!

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