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Jerusalem Day in Israel 2025

Take part in celebration of the Jerusalem Day hand in hand with the locals

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Jerusalem Day
Jerusalem Day
Jerusalem Day

Jerusalem Day is one of the biggest city holidays that celebrates a day when the city was reunited with the rest of the country in 1967. For the time of the holiday the city turns into a buzzing tourist attraction offering a wide range of performances, festivals and a famous blue lighting, illumination of the city.

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What is the date of the holiday known as Jerusalem Day?

The holiday known as Jerusalem Day is celebrated on the 28th day of the Hebrew month of Iyar which is observed in May or June depending on the Hebrew calendar. This day marks the unification of Jerusalem after the Six-Day War in 1967. It is regarded as a national holiday in Israel. Show more

What are the locations for the main events that occur during the holiday?

The Old City of Jerusalem is the location where the main festivities and performances are held. Thousands of Israelis celebrate Jerusalem Day with singing and dancing, fill the streets of the city with music. People gather at the Western Wall to give thanks and pray. During Jerusalem Day, there are also a wide variety of cultural events and festivals around the city. Show more

What is the story behind the reunification of Jerusalem?

Jerusalem was split between Jordan and Israel after Israel declared its independence in 1948. In 1967, during the Six-Day War, Israel regained control of the Jordanian part of Jerusalem, unifying the city and also taking over the Old City for the first time in close to two thousand years. Jerusalem Day celebrates this victory of Israel. The day also marks the beginning of Jewish control over the Old City of Jerusalem after a long time. Show more

What are the traditional ways through which Jerusalem Day is celebrated by the locals?

Jerusalem Day is a major patriotic holiday in Israel, and many locals commemorate this by attending parades and events throughout the city. They close down schools and businesses to be part of celebrations and festivals such as the Western Wall, where they gather to give thanks, light candles, and offer prayers. Exploring historical and religious sites is another way of immersing with the country’s history and culture. Show more

What other festivities or cultural events are celebrated in Jerusalem besides Jerusalem Day?

Jerusalem hosts a range of cultural events including international ones such as the Jerusalem Film Festival and the Jerusalem Jazz Festival, which attract a global audience. Israelis celebrate Hanukkah in the Old City and hold the Feast of Tabernacles, welcoming locals and tourists to the religious sites of the city. The city’s galleries and museums host art exhibits regularly, exhibiting the variety and richness of the region’s cultural heritage. Show more

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