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Maramures Balloon Fiesta 2023

Magical hot air balloons over the beautiful Maramures region


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Maramures Balloon Fiesta is an annual balloon festival in Northwestern Romania. The festival, which has been held since 2011, celebrates the joy of life, traditions, and human longing for a flight. Maramures Balloon Fiesta is usually held during the first weekend of October, bringing the magical world of hot air balloons closer to everyone. This popular international event, which attracts thousands of visitors, also promotes the cultural heritage and beauty of the Maramureș region, famous for its colorful traditions.

Maramures Balloon Fiesta usually takes place near the town of Baia Mare, between the villages of Rogoz and Lăpușul Românesc, in a beautiful rural setting. The festival features activities in local communities so that visitors can explore villages, meet locals, learn about their customs, way of life, and experience their hospitality. Entertainment includes folk dances, handicrafts vendors and workshops, local food, and live music.

Maramureș Balloon Fiesta brings together pilots from all over Europe for a unique and memorable experience. Since the start of the festival, more than 28 European countries have been represented. Over 215 hot air balloons have risen into the skies over the beautiful mountainous country. The public can reserve spots in hot air balloons to see breathtaking Maramures landscapes from a bird-eye view.

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