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Sambra Oilor & Osâmbritul Oilor 2020

Taking sheep up or bringing them down from the mountains is a great occasion to celebrate folk traditions in a hillside village


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In late spring, the villagers send off the shepherds with their herds to the mountains for summer pastures. Celebrations usually take place in early May, weather permitting. Then, before the severe winter comes to the Carpathian Mountains, the herders have to take care of the sheep who have been pasturing in the mountain meadows and bring them down to the village. This is the time of the Sambra Oilor (spring edition) and Osâmbritul Oilor (autumn edition) festivals that take place in every hillside village in Romania. One of the most well-known celebrations takes place in Huta-Certeze village in northern part of Romania. Bringing down the sheep is accompanied by joyful festivities including traditional music, dances, and costumes. This celebration falls either in September or October.​

Festivalul Național Sâmbra Oilor - Țara Oașului 2020
Festivalul Național Sâmbra Oilor - Țara Oașului
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Sambra Oilor & Osâmbritul Oilor in Romania - Best Season 2020
Best time for Sambra Oilor & Osâmbritul Oilor in Romania 2020

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