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Ziua Recoltei (Harvest Day Festival) 2024

The hard-working nation loves to celebrate harvest season

Dates: late September–early October

By the end of September, Romanian farmers get incredibly excited as the festive season approaches, indicating that soon they will have some free time to unwind after an arduous summer. Numerous small villages across the country host harvest festivals accompanied by folk dancing and music with other age-old rituals. So if you come to Romania's countryside between late September and early October, definitely check out the party.

Maramureş region in the Northeastern Carpathians is famous for its agriculture and harvest festivities. Ancient rituals and traditions are well conserved in this secluded area of Romania. Ziua Recoltei is usually celebrated in the village of Remeţi between late September and early October. Festivities feature folk bands and traditional dances. Baia Mare is also known for its Chestnut Celebration with music concerts, performances, and art exhibits. Also, don't forget to take advantage of fresh produce displayed at local markets throughout Romania.

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