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Ice Hotel Romania

Would you like to stay in a quirky ice lodging on top of the Romanian Carpathians?

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There is no need to travel far north to experience a night in an ice hotel, as Romania has a great alternative for winter lovers—Lake Balea Ice Hotel. The Hotel of Ice Romania is nestled in the Făgăraș Mountains, Sibiu County, at a dramatic altitude of more than 6,600 feet (2,000 m). It's constructed of ice and snow blocks extracted from the glacial lake and attracts about 8,000 visitors annually.

In addition to the ice hotel rooms, the hotel incorporates an ice restaurant and bar, offering an exclusive dining scene. Also, a neat ice church nearby invites religious tourists for a Sunday mass like no other. The church of ice must be one of the most exceptional places to get baptized or married.

Furthermore, vacationers can engage in fun activities at the Winterpark. The leisure options include snowmobiling, snow rafting, and tubing. In contrast, thrill-seekers will appreciate more extreme activities, such as off-piste skiing, ice climbing, and heliskiing.

The visiting season is weather-dependant, but the best time is deemed to be between late December and March. Anyways, while planning a stay, check the official website (see External Resources below). To get there, you'll have to reach the Balea Cascada Hotel by the Transfagarasan road. Then, take a cable car up to the Ice Hotel.

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