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Pelicans, egrets, ibises, ducks, geese, swans, eagles, vultures ​and many other feathery marvels are waiting for you in the Danube delta


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The lush wetlands of the Danube delta are ideal for bird nesting. Aside from plenty of local birds who inhabit the Delta year-round, the area annually sees millions of migratory birds. Birdwatchers travel here to see various species of pelicans, in particular, there are 3,500 pairs of white pelicans and nearly 150 pairs of dalmatian pelicans.

Egrets nest in willows near marshes, the reeds are favoured by ibises, whereas the extremely rare ferruginous duck may be spotted around Somova Lake. Other important species include eagles, vultures, cranes, and swans.

Birdwatching paradise lasts from April to September.

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