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Martisor Day 2025 in Romania

It is a gesture of courtesy to present a "martisor" to a woman for the beginning of spring and a guarantee of good luck

Dates: March 1

Martisor Day
Martisor Day
Martisor Day

Martisor Day is the first day of spring when the male population of Romania traditionally pleases women with iconic gifts. It could be handmade jewelry like a brooch, a figurine, or a bracelet made of red and white cords. The talismans that are named "martisors" could also be hung in different places to ward off evil spirits.

Starting from late February, you can buy martisors everywhere in Romania: at small stands near bus and metro stations, supermarkets, and special spring fairs. In Bucharest martisor fairs are usually held at the open-air Village Museum and at the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant.

A martisor needs to have two strings: the white one symbolizes​ men's wisdom, whereas the red one makes reference to women's vitality. Martisor is a talisman that is usually worn for a few weeks or till the end of March, and then it is hung on fruit tree branches.

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