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Ciorba de Peste

The most popular treat of the Danube delta consists of a fishy broth and the fish itself


Ciorba de Peste in Romania 2020 - Best Time

Not surprisingly, fisherman's soup is the most popular speciality of the Danube Delta, boasting nearly 160 different varieties. This soup consists of two separate dishes: fish broth and fish itself, however, ​both are cooked together. At first, 10 to 15 various small fish are boiled with vegetables in a cast-iron kettle. Then, the fish are taken out and drained and the liquid is served with a wooden spoon. The drained fish are then roasted on a stove and served flavoured with pepper or garlic. Though the fishing season varies depending on the species, fishermen angle year-round, except for a short rest period in April and May. This means the fishy delicacy is likewise available almost throughout the entire year, except for two months.

Ciorba de Peste in Romania - Best Season 2020
Best time for Ciorba de Peste in Romania 2020