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Kiteboarding in Honduras 2024

Rise out of the beautiful, crystal-clear Caribbean waters by kite

Best time: February–August

Kiteboarding is a relatively young activity in the Caribbean. Today there are two great spots in Honduras to try the thrill yourself.

The largest natural beach on Roatan and the main kiting spot is the Camp Bay Beach. The area enjoys a mix of sheltered water inside and waves on the reef. The best kiting conditions are in the afternoon till sunset. The local kite school provides beach assistants and rescue boat. Another place is the coastal waters of the northern coast of Roatan Island; one more is the Marble Hills Farm located east of the community of Punta Gorda.

If you are at Guanaja Island, especially in Savannah Bight, you'll have the opportunity for kiteboarding in a place where the resort specialises in fishing and kiteboarding. It should be noted that this area is separated from the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef and is an ideal place for this hobby. Strong winds the east of the island create favourable conditions for kitesurfing. This activity is best when the warm winds begin to blow in early spring—it is stable and every day is getting stronger. This is when kite season begins!

The most consistent wind conditions abound Honduras are between February and August. It's also the time when kitesurfing schools offer their services. The months of January and September could be quite good for kitesurfing as well, but with weaker winds.

Practical info

Where are some recommended places for kiteboarding enthusiasts in Honduras?

Honduras provides some of the best kiteboarding spots globally, and enthusiasts can visit locations such as Marble Hills Farm, the northern coast of Roatan Island's coastal waters, Savannah Bight in Guanaja Island and Camp Bay Beach in Roatan. These areas are well-known for their ideal wind conditions and sheltered waters, making them perfect for enjoying an exhilarating kiteboarding adventure in Honduras. Show more

When is the optimal time for kiteboarding in Honduras?

The ideal time for kiteboarding in Honduras is between February to August, when the wind is stable and provide optimal kiteboarding conditions. Some kitesurfing schools operate during this six-month period. While kitesurfing can also be enjoyed during January and September, the experience may not be as optimal as that during the regular kite season. Show more

Is kiteboarding available throughout the country?

No, kiteboarding in Honduras is only available in specific locations, including Savannah Bight in Guanaja Island, Punta Gorda, and Roatan. Kiteboarding enthusiasts visiting Honduras must plan their trip during the kite season starting from February to August for optimal wind conditions. The great news is kitesurfing schools and resorts provide excellent kitesurfing services in each of these locations, catering to the needs of both beginners and experts alike. Show more

Do kiteboarding schools operate in Honduras?

Yes, kitesurfing enthusiasts can avail the services of numerous kiteboarding schools located throughout Honduras. Whether a novice or a professional, the local schools cater to all and provide rental services for kiteboarding equipment, beginners' lessons, and advanced courses. Dive shops in Roatan and kite schools in Guanaja's Savannah Bight are among the options available to kiteboarding enthusiasts visiting Honduras. Show more

What is the significance of wind conditions for kiteboarding fans in Honduras?

Wind conditions are crucial for kiteboarding enthusiasts in Honduras as optimal wind is a must for kitesurfing. February to August is peak season, and kiteboarding fans who plan their visit can enjoy stable and ideal wind conditions necessary for high-quality kitesurfing experiences. During these months, the wind typically blows strong from the east, ensuring an exhilarating ride for all kiteboarding enthusiasts. Show more

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