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AVALON Australian International Airshow 2025

The greatest achievements of modern military aviation—world's pride and menace at the same time

Dates: INDUSTRY: March 25–28, 2025 | GENERAL PUBLIC: March 28–30, 2025

AVALON Australian International Airshow
AVALON Australian International Airshow
AVALON Australian International Airshow
AVALON Australian International Airshow

Said to be the largest aviation event in the southern hemisphere, Australian International Airshow features world's most powerful military aircraft from swarms of attack helicopters to giant leviathans, jet fighters, and bombers. The main stars of the show are Royal Australian Air Force, United States Air Force and United States Navy, but participants are not limited to these only. Other famous performers were Royal Air Force, Republic of Singapore Air Force, Japan Air Self-Defense Force and others. It is traditionally held at Avalon Airport, in the middle between Melbourne and Geelong, Victoria.

When pilots view their performances as something close to daily routine, an average visitor may be totally carried away with the power of the aircraft, complicated avian stunts, roar and walls-of-fire that accompany the action. If you're looking for thrills and astonishment, you'll get what you want.

Along with the aviation of the future, you'll also be able to take a look back on the Second World War through a range of reenactments, as well as the exhibition of the most comprehensive military aircraft of those times.

The first air show held at Avalon dates back to 1988. Nowadays Australian International Airshow takes place on a regular basis every two years attracting thousands of spectators.

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