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Tukkilaiskisat 2023

A traditional timber rafting competition in Finland


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Tukkilaiskisat, referred initially to log drivers, is a traditional timber rafting competition in Finland. Log driving ended in the 1980s, but the tradition has been preserved in timber rafting competitions in the summer. The main goals of this extraordinary competition are saving the tradition of floating work, which used to be essentially connected to forest work, presenting the skills needed in floating work to the public, and maintaining the physical condition of competitors.

The recent sites where Tukkilaiskisat was held are Ii (Raasakkakoski), Kuusamo (Käylä), Laukaa (Kuusaankoski), Imatra (Tainionkoski), Ylitornio (Kattilakoski), and Lieksa. For more information, we suggest you visit the official website. We attached it in the External Resources section below. Also, if you are looking for a place to stay during this event, check out our map below. It offers the best accommodation for the best price.

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