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Thursday Meal Tradition

Try one of the most traditional dishes that can be found in every Finnish restaurant, every Thursday!


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There is something funny but truly unique about the Thursday menu tradition in Finland. Yes, the whole country has the same menu every Thursday, and the main dishes that are served for lunch or dinner are pea soup and pancakes.

Hernekeitto, the local name for pea soup, has been a very common dish here since the Middle Ages. The soup is very popular during large gatherings, as it is easily cooked in large amounts. It is cheap, healthy, and easy to prepare which makes it so famous. The soup also contains pork and carrots and sometimes even mustard.

As a rule the pea soup is followed by thick oven baked pancakes with jam. It isn't a must, of course, but wherever you go for lunch on Thursday, these two will definitely be in the menu.

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