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Reach spectacular and untouched places and enjoy a winter fairytale during your snowshoeing walk


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Snowshoeing, winter hiking that involves wearing special shoes, is highly popular in Finland. Wide snowshoes prevent you from sinking deep into the snow and let you walk softly over it. This helps when seeking more remote remote places that can be hard to access without these shoes.

One of the best places to enjoy long walks and nature around is the Oulanka National Park. This is a beautiful, vast space with huge amount of snow, amazing frozen waterfalls and lakes, and gorgeous snow-laden trees. The spectacular Riisitunturi National Park is one more great place for marveling at the beauty of winter nature.

Seeing the Northern Lights can also be done with a pair of snowshoes. Finland’s Kainuu region opens vast landscape of untouched heathland, frozen lakes, and deserted forests. It's an amazing way to explore the silent and breathtaking nature of Finland.

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