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Snowkiting in Bulgaria

Snow plus a kite can turn a dreary winter day in Bulgaria into a swift, adrenaline-filled adventure!

Best time: February–April


In recent years Bulgaria's ski resorts like Vitosha are attracting numerous fans of snowkiting. You can try it in the mountains (and even drive up a mountain), on any land covered with snow, or even frozen lakes. You can skate anywhere and don't even need a strong wind because the friction between you and the snow is almost absent.

Most beginners start skating in 15 minutes after the first kite lift into the air. Flying uphill and downhill with a kite is an experience not to be missed. Exploring Bulgaria while snowkiting might turn into a ride of a lifetime!

Practical info

When is the ideal period to go snowkiting in Bulgaria?

The best time to visit Bulgaria for snowkiting is from February to April because of the favorable snow conditions. During this time, the region's cold weather is tolerable, and fewer crowds make way for an excellent snowkiting experience. Show more

Which are the favored snowkiting spots in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria has several excellent locations for snowkiting, with Vitosha, Borovets, Pamporovo, and Bansko being the most notable. Vitosha mountain is expansive and boasts spots with optimum wind conditions. For novices, Pamporovo's wide-open spaces are perfect, while Borovets offers some of the country's spectacular landscapes. Show more

What is the duration required to master snowkiting?

The duration to become adept in snowkiting depends on an individual's physical fitness and experience with board sports. Competence in the fundamental skills generally takes between 7 to 10 practice days. However, by prioritizing good instruction and dedication, acquiring snowkiting skills can take less time. Show more

How does snowkiting on mountains differ from frozen lakeside snowkiting?

The terrain is the main difference between snowkiting on mountains and frozen lakes. Mountain snowkiting provides various altitudes for the activity, while lakes' snowkiting is ideal for flatland riding. The wind on mountains is stronger and often more erratic than on lakes. Furthermore, caution is critical, particularly for beginners, when engaging in the activity on mountains. Show more

Is it possible to lease snowkiting gear in Bulgaria?

There are rental stations for snowkiting gear in Bulgaria. One of the best options is Vitosha Ski Center near Sofia, where the cost of a novice kite set is roughly €50 daily. It's crucial to rent from certified and reliable shops that adhere to European safety requirements regarding both the instructors and the equipment. Show more

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