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Reindeer Sledding and Sami Culture in Norway

The versatile and fascinating Sami culture is built around good-natured reindeer, Sami legends, food, and intriguing folk music

Best time: November–March

Reindeer Sledding and Sami Culture
Reindeer Sledding and Sami Culture
Reindeer Sledding and Sami Culture

Check out some of the winter reindeer tours for a great introduction to Sami culture which is so closely tied to these creatures. You can feed shy reindeer, pet them, and even learn to throw a special rope called a lasso around the reindeer's antlers. However, the number one experience is sledging with these gorgeous animals almost like Santa Clause! During the tour, you will stay at the Sami camp in one of the traditional tents called "lavuu." A Sami herding family will treat you to traditional soup named "bidos," narrate Sami legends, and sing mysterious-sounding traditional Sami folk songs called "joiks" around the campfire.

The tours run in the Tromsø area from November to March.

Practical info

When is the ideal season to go to Norway for Sami culture and reindeer sledding?

The perfect time for Sami culture and reindeer sledding in Norway is between November and March, the winter season. Reindeer sled tours occur in Tromsø and other cold areas of Norway. Visitors should have warm clothes for protection against the freezing weather. During these tours, travelers can explore the Sami culture, learn about the Sami history and customs, share in traditional Sami food, enjoy listening to the Sami legends, and participate in Sami folk songs around the campfire. Show more

In which places in Norway do the winter reindeer tours happen?

The winter reindeer tours occur in Tromsø and other cold regions in Norway from November to March, the winter season. The Sami culture and reindeer experiences are some of the highlights of the tours. The tours also feature a visit to a Sami camp where participants can treat themselves to Sami food, glimpse Sami culture from the narratives of Sami legends, and be entertained with Sami folk songs around the campfire. Show more

What do Sami legends narrated during Norway tours entail?

Narrating Sami legends is an integral part of Sami culture. Reindeer herding and other animals mainly feature in these legends that tell stories of the Sami people's relationship with them. Adaptation to the harsh winter conditions in the Arctic is also a primary theme in the narration of these legends. Visitors to the Sami camps can get a taste of the Sami traditions by enjoying these stories, which offer a glimpse into the life and culture of the Sami people. Show more

What do you call the traditional Sami soup, and what are the ingredients used?

The traditional Sami soup known as Bidos is served during the tours. It is a warm, hearty soup made of reindeer meat, onions, carrots, and potatoes. Bidos is a vital part of the Sami culture, and visitors can enjoy the soup while learning about the traditions and customs of the Sami people around the campfire. Show more

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