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Explore the winter landscapes of Albania in snowshoes and experience adventures far from the city noise


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Snowshoeing on untravelled trails can be part of your winter holidays in Albania. The routes wind along mountain slopes, through the highlands, on snowy summits, and cross pristine forests.

Snowshoeing in Albania - Best Season 2020

The Albanian Alps and Valbona National Park near the Kosovan border offer some routes as well as the Micek rural area, not far from Tirana. One of the most popular trails runs from Valbonë to Tropojë. You can go on your own way or join a group with a guide. This route is included in a multiple-day snowshoeing tour that covers Albania along with Kosovo and Montenegro. Usually, this tour starts and finishes in Kosovo.

Best time for Snowshoeing in Albania 2020

While the season lasts from December to mid-March, the most reliable months in terms of snow cover are late January and February. Discover this popular new sport in Albania and leave your own snow tracks on the expanses of this country.

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