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Snowshoeing in Albania

Explore the winter landscapes of Albania in snowshoes and experience adventures far from the city noise

Best time: December–mid-March (best in late January–February)


Snowshoeing on untravelled trails can be part of your winter holidays in Albania. The routes wind along mountain slopes, through the highlands, on snowy summits, and cross pristine forests.

The Albanian Alps and Valbona National Park near the Kosovan border offer some routes as well as the Micek rural area, not far from Tirana. One of the most popular trails runs from Valbonë to Tropojë. You can go on your own way or join a group with a guide. This route is included in a multiple-day snowshoeing tour that covers Albania along with Kosovo and Montenegro. Usually, this tour starts and finishes in Kosovo.

While the season lasts from December to mid-March, the most reliable months in terms of snow cover are late January and February. Discover this popular new sport in Albania and leave your own snow tracks on the expanses of this country.

Practical info

What is the ideal time of the year to engage in snowshoeing in Albania?

The most favorable time to go snowshoeing in Albania is in the December to mid-March period, with particular emphasis on January and February, which remains the dependable time due to the appropriate snow cover. Adequate preparation for your snowshoeing trip in Albania will create a gateway to leaving your footprints on varied routes alongside the ideal snowscapes in winter. Show more

What are the superb locations for engaging in snowshoeing within the country of Albania?

Albanian Alps, Valbona National Park, and Micek rural area are among the best places to go snowshoeing in Albania. These sites present picturesque trails within mountain slopes, subalpine, and virgin forests. Snowshoeing in these trails enables an escape from the bustling cities and allows outdoor enthusiasts to interact and relish in the tranquility of the wintery landscape. Show more

Which snowshoeing routes are the most frequented in Albania?

The Valbonë to Tropojë route is the most widely used snowshoeing route in Albania, either through individual exploration or guided tours. Additionally, there are multiple-day snowshoeing tours that traverse Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro, presenting a stunning view of the Balkan countries' winter treasure. Show more

Can you engage in snowshoeing in Albania sans a guide?

Engaging in snowshoeing in Albania without a guide is possible; however, individuals new to the region are advised against doing so alone. Choosing to join local guided tours is paramount, minimizing the possibility of getting lost, and guaranteeing the occasional access of intriguing locals spots within Albania's numerous snowshoeing destinations. Show more

Are snowshoeing tours that last several days available in Albania?

Multiple-day snowshoeing tours are prevalent in Albania, covering all the ideal spots within and outside the country. The tours exploring Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro are an excellent example. They provide a platform to explore the area's aesthetic snow-capped peaks, virgin backdrops and cultural diversity while also availing of a stress-free holiday experience. Participating in guided tours also enables vacationers to forge new relationships with individuals from other parts of the globe while enjoying wintertime excellence. Show more

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