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Sledging in Munich

Enjoy sledging within the city limits of Munich

Best time: December–February


After a big snowfall, the whole Munich goes sledging. Luckily there are many locations to try it in the city. One of the most popular places is Olympiapark. The Olympic mountain (Olympiaberg) is the highest sledging hill in Munich, and probably the most thrilling. There is even a snow tube lane for kids by the lake. If the weather is clear, you can also enjoy a lovely view over Munich and mountains.

Luitpoldhügel is best known for its sledging in winter. It also offers great views of the city and the Alps. You can go on a fast downhill run or choose a long shallow run from over 120 meters of terrain. It can get rather crowded here on weekends.

If you happen to be in the English Garden, then head to the Monopteros, a rather low but popular hill in the centre of the park, so it's a perfect location for combining sledging with a nice walk and a hot drink in one of the nearby cafes.

Another good sledging spot is in Theresienwiese, down the Bavaria Hill. It's popular due to its unique location. The hill is quite small but you can speed down pretty quickly.

Well, the best sledging and tobogganing runs can be found outside the city, in the Alps. But if you want to stay in the city and enjoy the winterish atmosphere, urban sledging is lots of fun.

Practical info

Where can one go sledging in Munich with a high hill?

Sledging in Munich can be enjoyed at the Olympic mountain (Olympiaberg) located in Olympiapark. The slopes on this hill are steep and long, providing a thrilling experience with the city and mountains presenting amazing views. It is a popular destination for adults and kids during snowy weather. Show more

What is the recommended time to go sledging in Munich?

Munich provides the perfect weather for sledging from December to February provided there is enough snow. During clear, sunny weather, visitors enjoy gazing at the stunning views of snow-flocked mountains and the vivid city skyline. Nonetheless, it is always advisable to check the weather forecast before setting out. Show more

What are some other sledding hill hotspots in Munich apart from Olympiapark?

Luitpoldhügel is one of the preferred sledging hills located in the north of Munich for its long, gentle slopes. Theresienwiese, situated in the heart of the city on the Bavaria Hill, is another ideal location for sledding. English Garden's Monopteros hill provides a gentle and low hill that is perfect for children. Show more

Where are some other sledging runs found out of Munich?

The best sledging runs around Bavaria are located in the Alps and easily reachable with a short drive from Munich. One of the recommended locations is Spitzingsee, where visitors enjoy tobogganing runs combined with downhill and cross-country skiing. Garmisch-Partenkirchen also provides several excellent sledging runs for visitors to encounter and enjoy. Show more

Which is the most stunning location for sledging in Munich?

Sledging at the Olympic mountain in Olympiapark is a memorable and unique experience with stunning views of the city skyline and snow-covered Alps. Its slopes are the highest in Munich, a factor that contributes to the overall experience of sledding. Olympiapark presents an extraordinary sledding scene and memorable views for visitors. Show more

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