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Snowkiting (Kiteskiing) in Finland

Enjoy perfect snow and wind conditions for a great snowkiting getaway!

Best time: December–April

Snowkiting (Kiteskiing)
Snowkiting (Kiteskiing)
Snowkiting (Kiteskiing)

Finland's long winter months make Finland one of the best locations for kiting. Finland's lakes and rivers are frozen till late spring with a perfect snow layer guaranteed and the wide open snow terrain and frequent gales ensure you with the best snowkiting conditions.

Beginners can try this activity near Helsinki and at the sea around Munkkiniemi. Lahti is well-known as a snow sports centre. Here you can also find snowkiting schools. Some of the best snowkiting, especially for advanced riders, can be found in Lapland. Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park is a prime place to combine the best kiting and gorgeous landscape of Lapland with 500-meter mountains right next to the hotels.

Practical info

When's the optimal period to go snowkiting in Finland?

From December to April, you can enjoy snowkiting in Finland. During this season, the area's rivers and lakes are frozen, and there's a perfect snow layer. You are sure to experience the top snowkiting conditions, thanks to the vast terrain covered in snow and frequent gales. The high months for snowkiting are December to February, when the climate is most favourable. Show more

Which are the prime snowkiting spots in Finland?

Lapland provides some outstanding snowkiting locations for experienced kite riders. The Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park is a perfect spot to blend incredible Lapland landscapes with 500-meter mountains near hotels. As for beginners, ideal options are Helsinki and the sea near Munkkiniemi or Lahti, which is recognised for snow sports and houses snowkiting schools. Show more

What's the required level of proficiency to go snowkiting in Finland?

Snowkiting can be enjoyed by anyone, but it's crucial to master the techniques and learn the basics to have the best experience. Many snowkiting schools provide tailored training for beginners and expert riders to improve the skills necessary for participating in this sport. It's recommended to have some experience of snow sports or balance-dependent board sports like snowboarding, skiing, or wakeboarding before a snowkiting expedition. Show more

Do Finland have snowkiting schools?

There are numerous snowkiting schools in Finland, particularly in popular spots such as Lahti. Snowkitezone and Snowkite Academy are some of Lahti's top-rated snowkiting schools, offering extensive courses for advanced riders and beginners. These schools employ experienced instructors and teach snowkiting basics and techniques, including kite control, snow gliding, jibing, tacking, and more. Show more

Apart from snowkiting, what winter activities are accessible in Finland?

Finland offers a wide range of winter activities besides snowkiting. You can participate in ice-skating, skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, aurora hunting, sauna, and more. Lapland, with its stunning forests, idyllic snowscapes, lively reindeer, and husky farms, is an exceptional area for individuals without skiing experience. Moreover, to complement your winter adventure in Finland, you can stay in a glass igloo, go to Santa Village, witness the Northern Lights, and meet Sámi people, the indigenous inhabitants. Show more

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