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Polar Bear Swim Festival 2022

Thousands of "polar bears" gather in the south of Korea every winter to bathe in the freezing sea water


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If you've already pictured in mind a scene of real polar bears gathered at a Korean beach, we have to disappoint you, for in our case these polar bears are just weirdos seeking crazy and challenging stuff to do.

The Polar Bear Festival is an annual event that takes place at Haeundae Beach in Busan in the south of the country. Some 2,000 brave men and women strip down to their swimsuits in the middle of winter and rush madly for a joint swim in the freezing cold sea. What for? For a boost of adrenaline, for a feeling of accomplishment, for a sense of new achievement, and at last for fun. Even if you don't share the passion, you can always come to enjoy the spectacle.

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